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CEREC® is our CAD/CAM technology that allows single-appointment dentistry.


CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a revolutionary CAD/CAM technology that allows Dr. Nguyen to design, create and fit a new crown in a single visit. While you are in the office, an image of your tooth is scanned into a computer specially designed for this purpose. Using digital technology, your crown is designed to your tooth's precise specifications. The CEREC® system consists of an infrared digital camera, a computer with 3-D imaging software, and a milling unit with diamond blades for quick, precise, and highly detailed construction of cosmetic ceramic restorations.

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There are many advantages to CEREC restorations over conventional lab-fabricated restorations:

  • Same-Day Crowns/Onlays/Veneers - With CEREC®, you only need one appointment, instead of the usual two or three visits required with conventional crown & bridge procedures. Dr. Nguyen can complete a crown, onlay or veneer in about 1-2 hours at a single appointment. This will save you time from missing work, school or your busy daily life.
  • No Gagging or Gooey Impression Material - Dr. Nguyen uses an infra-red camera to take an optical impression of your tooth so patients with a sensitive gag reflex can kiss goodbye to trays and sloppy impression materials.
  • No Temporary Restorations - Conventional restoration procedures require you to wear temporary restorations for about 2 weeks while the laboratory creates your final restoration. Temporary restorations are difficult to chew on, can fall off, cause sensitvity and other problems.CEREC® eliminates this inconvenience!
  • Extreme Precision - Since the restoration is designed and fabricated from start to finish by Dr. Nguyen using CAD/CAM technology, he has complete control over how it will look and fit. By contrast, a crown made in a laboratory is under the control of a technician who must rely upon impressions and prescriptions provided by Dr. Nguyen. There are many steps in between this communication that can lead to errors not easily detectable.
  • High-Grade Biocompatible Materials - The biocompatible ceramics closely match the composition of your natural tooth structure, allowing you to eat hot and cold foods without worrying about your tooth cracking from the extreme temperatures. These ceramic materials are also plaque-resistant and anti-abrasive.
  • Highly Esthetic and Natural-Looking - Metal-free, no mercury or silver! CEREC®uses strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function.
  • Saving More Tooth Structure and More Retention - The preparation design and bonding nature of these CEREC®restorations allow Dr. Nguyen to save more of the healthy tooth structre. Since these CEREC® restorations are bonded to your tooth, they are much more retentive than cemented restorations which periodically will fall off and need re-cementation.

If only David Letterman's dentist had CEREC, then the following "rant" might not have occurred. David Letterman -- We have a solution to your Problem! In this video clip, Dave talks about how his dentist approached fixing his cracked tooth the old way, without One-Visit CEREC 3D technology! David Letterman had complained on his show that there should be some kind of technology that can do a crown in one appointment these days. After all he went for his routine medical check-up and had coronary bypass heart surgery the same day!



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